Teaser June 12-14 2015

3 paths lay before you. All lead to an impassable circle and a man. One path will provide you with the power. One path will provide you with the words, ancient incantations powerful enough to clear your path. One path will protect you from his wrath. Either traverse these paths or wait. You will face this man regardless. He sits in his circle and his rage and anger grow. His eyes glow red with the blood of his family. The ‘M’ scarred into his face burns with his hate for you. The doors to another tower have opened. What will this one take from you? read more

Season Teaser 2015

Even though it is not the official seat, Lycergis has taken a liking to the town of Bonney. It has become a bit more lavish recently. The throne room is brightly lit and there is much activity around. On this day, a younger knight is giving him a briefing on his old foe Bleak.

As the young knight speaks it becomes ever more clear to Lycergis that this report is much different than the reports he was given during the “Age of Many Kings.” Whereas Bleak’s armies have traditionally composed as an unorganized mess in Bleak’s wake, they now form ranks. Whereas they had singular orders, they now move with purpose. Whereas they had no thought, they now are led by intelligent creatures. read more