Alliance South Michigan Welcomes you

Alliance South Michigan is a fantasy LARP(Live Action Role Playing) run out of Chelsea Michigan. Alliance is a nation wide game, with several chapters in the region.

Our game is set in the Kingdom of Dragonreach, specifically in the duchy of Eastlands. Most of Dragonreach lives peacefully with no problems but, Eastlands is constantly in strife. It’s up to the adventurers (you and your friends) to save the kingdom or maybe destroy it.

Looking to get involved? Not sure how to start? Have some questions?

Put a post up on the forums, try our facebook page, read the FAQ take a look at contact us through email.

Season Closer (Oct 6-8) Teaser

He lets out of a cough. Dust is thick in the air. “This has gotten messier then I had hoped it would. We need an alternative. I will return.” The man, well for lack of a better word, turns around and walks away. Soon his figure fades into the deep clouds of dust.

The man continues to walk. Soon the stars shine above him. A sight he isn’t often used to. The mist around him grows think. He laughs to himself. “I guess I cannot escape something in the air”.

He emerges from the mist in a small town. A farmer is getting an early start on transporting his goods to market but in his rush one of the wheels of his cart come lose and the cart all but tips over. The mans approaches the farmer. “Do you need assistance good man?”. The farmer has a terrified look on his face. “Uhh. No. I’m fine.”. “Nonsense” the man says. He lifts the cart up so the farmer can put the wheel back on. The farmer thanks the man. “Good man, may I ask a favor?” The farmer let’s out a quick “Sure”. “You have adventurers in this land yes? Where do they spend their time?” “Valbrough sir” The man follows up with “Ah. Of course, and is there an easy way to get there?” “Uhh. Yes sir. If you can figure out how to use that stone.” The farmer gestures behind him. “Wonderful thank you for your time”. The man walks towards the stone.

A few moments later he’s greeted by a change of scenery. “Ah. Valbrough. Perhaps we can make a deal”

August 4th Event Teaser

The hobling sits alone, feverishly studying leaves under a microscope as the plants continue to encase his workshop. He absentmindedly kicks another vine as it encroaches upon his saferoom.

There is a large slam of the front door. A bloodied and dirtied dwarf stomps into the room before him, catching his breath and tightly clutching a spyglass in his hand.

As the duo sits together and prepares, they share a moment of silence knowing in their hearts that this casting is their final attempt. Will they persevere and put an end to this attack? Or will they fail… only to be forgotten like the shimmers of civilizations before them?


Alliance South Michigan invites you to our first ever guest event, August 4th.

The fight to rescue Jared Silverstar!


As per our agreement with your aid to the barony of Thorncryf I have spent the last fortnight spying and accumulating data on the Thrister encampment in the Shieldbearer mountains. The King himself has ordered that the time of action to rescue this warhero and warrior of the people is now. We will meet in less than a week’s time to do just that.

I have a cartographer creating a detailed map of the area from my notes. It will be ready, and I will present it to you on the morning of the 15th. I will meet you north of Stonerest and take you to an abandoned outpost where you can stage your attack from. Come prepared.

The following are my findings:

  • The Shieldbearer Mountains
    • The mountains themselves have an anomaly effect to them I cannot fully explain. There are some dwarven ruins in the area with active rune magic that I have little understanding of. It is clear that some sort of tribal ritual dragon magic has been taking place as well. There are two different rituals taking place in the mountains on platforms. Thanks to three different kind of glyph columns travel powers of any kind are inert. More info on them below. Thanks to finding the “safest” paths travel by foot will not be impossible.
    • There are native monsters in the Shieldbearers that must be considered. In the last few weeks I have witnessed Ice Minotaur and Basilisks. No path can perfectly prevent you from running into these monsters.
    • The environment is cold, sharp, and dangerous.
  • The Thrister Valley
    • The Thirster camp sprawls in a high valley. There is only one clear road up the mountains to the Thirster valley. A pseudo basecamp/guard post about a third of the way up the trail acts as a supply depot. This is as far as full sized carts can travel, after that two wheeled carts and individually carried supplies of blood must be taken the rest of the way.
  • Three guarded entrances
    • There is a main set of true gates that appear to be all that is left from some old ruins. If the gate guard is taking out, stone pillars just after the gate would provide cover to assassins to kill the sleeping Thrister reserves.
    • Another guarded entrance on the southern side near their armory. Both entrances are guarded by squads of their youngest members. The guards change out at 1pm and 1am. There is no contact between them and the rest of the camp save for the changing of the guard.
    • The third “entrance” is a rolling set of hills from an ancient rock slide. The terrain is smooth enough in areas that an approach to the south up into the mountain, then toward the eastern rise of the valley could be used to walk down the semi-smooth slide into the camp. This entrance is not guarded as it is central to the camp and behind the gates. It is used by the shamans to gain access to a goat path leading north up past the valley to the ritual platforms and the crest of the waterfall.
  • Blood Shipments
    • There is a dragon blood shipment once a day, the guards at the gate often give trouble to the shipment party, as they can’t control themselves well. The shipments are the most important thing, if one fails to arrive at it scheduled time of noon one elite team is dispatched to get another by 2pm. There are two such teams in reserve for shipment issues and home defense.
  • Patrols
    • There are scouting parties run sorties around the camp in 12 hours shifts that cycle at 1pm and 1am. A total of three scouting parties are active at at time. They follow certain paths in a certain area, but will divert to engage any disturbance.
  • The Spider-Rune Cave
    • There is a spider cave that leads into the valley from the West. It seems to be full of rune magic which responded harshly to my presence. These runes suppressed all magic of any type. The exit of this cave leads to drop just above and to the right of where Silverstar is kept. It can easily get invaders in, but not out. The climb would be too much even when not under assault.
  • The River
    • They get their water from a waterfall leading into the valley. The water can be easily accessed further north, but it comes dangerously close to a ritual platform near by.
  • Silverstar
    • Silverstar is guarded by one of two groups of powerful guards, these are 12 hours shifts. These are not the same Elite troops that concern themselves with the blood, I believe they are less powerful. He is kept at the back of the camp against the mountain wall.
    • Something is wrong with the man. He is looking fairly draconic, and does not appear to be terribly injured. He is healed when blood is taken. He is fed quite often by the head shaman but appears almost completely unresponsive.
    • Silverstar retains some silver scales about the face, but the exposed scales about his body appear to be red now.
    • Silverstar is shackled by heavy conventional locks. However the shackles are warded somehow because only those carrying at least one key can approach him. I believe all of them to be indestructible. This is not the first time I have seen this method used.
  • The Keys
    • The key locations have been scried and located.
      • One is located in the ruins of Buramor
      • One is held tight in the armory in the camp.
      • One is carried on the High Shaman
  • Ritual Platforms
    • There are two ritual platforms in the mountains. A smaller one that the head shaman seems to access daily that is close by. A second, much larger one, is quite a distance away near a vast ravine. The bodies are piled high here and there is evidence of a lake’s worth of blood everywhere. I believe that one of these rituals is keeping Silverstar subdued. I don’t know which one.
    • The High Shaman leaves in the late morning for the northern ritual platform not far from the water supply and he always returns between 2-4pm. He has several other shamans with him.
    • The larger and more gorey platform seems to be filled with intense power. A great deal of it feels familiar like dragon magic but also seems incomplete and chaotic.
  • Dwarf Ruins
    • The Thirsters are accessing an uncovered dwarven ruin named Buramor. I could not gain access to the main area they are making use of. I did find an underground passage that contains more of the suppressive rune magic only far stronger. A number of their kobold pets loiter in these ruins. They seem to be acting as truly poor guards. The rune magic will not only suppress all magic but any creature of a certain power level will be rendered completely inert.
  • Totems
    • Three totems were found. They suppress all travel abilities of any kind within a certain radius. However these are obfuscated and linked to each other somehow. Each totem is protecting one of the others. They would have to be brought down in a certain order to remove them from the mountains. I have no way to discern which is which.

Ducal Knight of Throncryf
Rose Crusade



South Michigan’s One Day will be this Saturday July 15th. You can find more info about attending here.

June 9th Teaser

As one threat is destroyed before she can fortify her position.
As the crime syndicate that controls the high roads is being investigated.
As a new Lord takes responsibility for his lands.
As a spy returns with valuable information.
As a new Duke is spread thin bringing peace to his people.
An old Duke, a thief who was stolen from, rises up to take back his place as the boot under which The Borderlands is trod.
As each day see new losses.
As the thief grows stronger.

Advisers question: “is he just lucky, or does he have darker ties?”

  Alliance South Michigan welcomes you back to Dragonreach.

The Kingdom of Dragonreach is enjoying peace. Spring has come, and with it a sense of pride. Farmers happily plant their crops, the sounds of commerce fill market places all across Eastlands. Lycergis has proclaimed a feast is to be had to honor the adventurers, the army, and all those who gave blood to see the Great White Wyrm destroyed.

To most life seems good.

They don’t see the husk the Silverstar Legion has become, leaving enemies breathing room to grow. In the recent weeks, Bandits have gotten more ruthless in the Eastlands, avoiding Koroshi but making travel hazarderous in the other baronies.
Trouble has been brewing to the south of Eastlands and it has begun to spill over into Dragonreach.
People in Springdale remain afraid of the night and the horrors it brings.
Thorncryf has been dealing with escalating political chaos and violence.
All the while, a dark figure wanders the countryside and in her wake the same story…

April 8th One Day

Roger Hent, Joseph, The Rose Farmer? The newly named Duchy of Thorncryf has been home to some of largest legends. This area has been the same for as long as anyone can remember, and suddenly it’s changing. The page has finally turned.

Rumors of political tension and acts of aggression with the Freygurd Nation is plaguing the new duchy. Many believe that they’ve already started carrying out raids on Thorncryf. All the while, people whisper of Roger Hent, the former duke having survived and gathering an army to strike against Dragonreach.

As we turn to this next page of this book, Duke Hayward has requested the assistance of the adventuring community.


April 8th we’ll be hosting a one day at Proud Lake State Rec Area. We’ll start around 10 and play to whenever. You can find more details here.

The Storm Has Subsided (Teaser March 2017)

To all Adventurers,

We have taken the winter to lick our wounds, mourn our dead, and celebrate our victories. That must however end, as we look towards the spring with a renewed sense of purpose. While we have celebrated, and rested, Springdale has fought against problems day and night. Cutpurses think that they can continue to prey on my subjects. Horrors that emerge from the night to terrorize my people. The rest we have known, Springdale has not. I had thought felling the Great White Wyrm might have been enough but, it appears the enemies of Dragonreach need a reminder of what happens to those that cross us.

I have ordered several Knights, including Sir Mathis to a small encampment due south of Fort Aegis. The Knights have begun an investigation into the problems facing the people of Springdale, and will have reports ready for any who wish to give sword or spell in defense of the people. Sir Mathis is to ensure that any adventurers committed to our cause find purpose.

If you wish to heed this call, make your way to Fort Aegis on the 18th day in the month of March, there will be an escort ready to take you to the encampment.

By my hand,
King of Dragonreach

June 10th Teaser

At last the first great blow against the Dragon Bleak has been struck.
At last he is weakened enough to be mortal.
At last he recognizes our heroes exist.

Our next event is June 10th. Join us as we begin the journey towards the conclusion of the Bleak plot line. Or perhaps it will be the conclusion of the adventurers?

May 27-29 Event Teaser

Victory has favored our heroes. A great weapon against the formerly unstoppable force that is Bleak. Now they must risk more to use it. Many may die to his gaze alone in the attempt.

And should they be successful, what happens when a force of nature feels pain?

Preregistration has opened for our event.

We hope to see you all there.