Alliance South Michigan welcomes you back to Dragonreach.

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The Kingdom of Dragonreach is enjoying peace. Spring has come, and with it a sense of pride. Farmers happily plant their crops, the sounds of commerce fill market places all across Eastlands. Lycergis has proclaimed a feast is to be had to honor the adventurers, the army, and all those who gave blood to see the Great White Wyrm destroyed.

To most life seems good.

They don’t see the husk the Silverstar Legion has become, leaving enemies breathing room to grow. In the recent weeks, Bandits have gotten more ruthless in the Eastlands, avoiding Koroshi but making travel hazarderous in the other baronies.
Trouble has been brewing to the south of Eastlands and it has begun to spill over into Dragonreach.
People in Springdale remain afraid of the night and the horrors it brings.
Thorncryf has been dealing with escalating political chaos and violence.
All the while, a dark figure wanders the countryside and in her wake the same story…