The Storm Has Subsided (Teaser March 2017)

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To all Adventurers,

We have taken the winter to lick our wounds, mourn our dead, and celebrate our victories. That must however end, as we look towards the spring with a renewed sense of purpose. While we have celebrated, and rested, Springdale has fought against problems day and night. Cutpurses think that they can continue to prey on my subjects. Horrors that emerge from the night to terrorize my people. The rest we have known, Springdale has not. I had thought felling the Great White Wyrm might have been enough but, it appears the enemies of Dragonreach need a reminder of what happens to those that cross us.

I have ordered several Knights, including Sir Mathis to a small encampment due south of Fort Aegis. The Knights have begun an investigation into the problems facing the people of Springdale, and will have reports ready for any who wish to give sword or spell in defense of the people. Sir Mathis is to ensure that any adventurers committed to our cause find purpose.

If you wish to heed this call, make your way to Fort Aegis on the 18th day in the month of March, there will be an escort ready to take you to the encampment.

By my hand,
King of Dragonreach