Alliance South Michigan Welcomes you

Alliance South Michigan is a fantasy LARP(Live Action Role Playing) run out of Chelsea Michigan. Alliance is a nation wide game, with several chapters in the region.

Our game is set in the Kingdom of Dragonreach, specifically in the duchy of Eastlands. Most of Dragonreach live peacefully with no problems but, Eastlands is constantly in strife. It’s up to the adventurers (you and your friends) to save the kingdom or maybe destroy it.

Looking to get involved? Not sure how to start? Have some questions?

Put a post up on the forums, try our facebook page, read the FAQ take a look at contact us through email.

The Storm Has Subsided (Teaser March 2017)

To all Adventurers,

We have taken the winter to lick our wounds, mourn our dead, and celebrate our victories. That must however end, as we look towards the spring with a renewed sense of purpose. While we have celebrated, and rested, Springdale has fought against problems day and night. Cutpurses think that they can continue to prey on my subjects. Horrors that emerge from the night to terrorize my people. The rest we have known, Springdale has not. I had thought felling the Great White Wyrm might have been enough but, it appears the enemies of Dragonreach need a reminder of what happens to those that cross us.

I have ordered several Knights, including Sir Mathis to a small encampment due south of Fort Aegis. The Knights have begun an investigation into the problems facing the people of Springdale, and will have reports ready for any who wish to give sword or spell in defense of the people. Sir Mathis is to ensure that any adventurers committed to our cause find purpose.

If you wish to heed this call, make your way to Fort Aegis on the 18th day in the month of March, there will be an escort ready to take you to the encampment.

By my hand,
King of Dragonreach

June 10th Teaser

At last the first great blow against the Dragon Bleak has been struck.
At last he is weakened enough to be mortal.
At last he recognizes our heroes exist.

Our next event is June 10th. Join us as we begin the journey towards the conclusion of the Bleak plot line. Or perhaps it will be the conclusion of the adventurers?

May 27-29 Event Teaser

Victory has favored our heroes. A great weapon against the formerly unstoppable force that is Bleak. Now they must risk more to use it. Many may die to his gaze alone in the attempt.

And should they be successful, what happens when a force of nature feels pain?

Preregistration has opened for our event.

We hope to see you all there.

2106 Season Trailer

King Lycergis awakes from his slumber. He looks over to the fireplace, nothing but ash. “I’ll have to remember to find a better attendant”. Lycergis puts on his robes as he looks out the window. The window is covered in ice. This winter seemed better then the previous to him but, Lycergis has seen many years and they’ve started to blend together. He exits his room, the echo from the door slamming shuts fills the entire fortress. Before breakfast, he always surveys his men. He walks with a limp now to stubborn to use a cane. He hobbles down to the courtyard. “Just where I left you men.”

He turns to his general. “How goes the training?” No response. Then to his knight, “And what of our battle plans?”. The white glow of his knights eyes seem to bright for how dreary it is outside.
“Nothing to report either? Very well, I see Aurelious is here for our meeting. I will see him now.”
Lycergis approaches the gold dragon. And this is where it starts to break down. Aurelious Goldthorn’s body refused to freeze, in fact it still emanates warmth. One of the only things in left in this world that does. Lycergis doesn’t like this, as it breaks him from his delusion. A least when the greater elf was frozen solid, his eyes have still kept glowing but, Lycergis could make sense of that.
The “king” of Dragonreach’s sanity starts to slip. He realizes he’s standing in a courtyard full of the bodies of the adventurers who rose up against Bleak and were crushed like ants. He looks back to his general, the Mystic Wood Elf’s blue skin screams back at him. His frozen face begs, no screams the question, “Why couldn’t you save us?”. He can hear all of their voices, as they cried out before they were forever encased in ice.
 He falls to his knees and tries to cover his ears to stop the voices. They start to overwhelm him. “WHY DID I SURVIVE?”  he yells. The voices suddenly stop. He looks to the mountains to the south, and sees two eyes set on him. And while he can’t see it, he knows the truth. Bleak is smiling at him.
Welcome to South Michigan’s 2016 Season.

Two one day events added!

We’ve added two one day events to our schedule.

April 16th and May 7th

These events will take place at Island Lake Recreational Area, and be $25 dollars, or $20 for those who prereg.

Additionally we’re considering adding one March 19th. But, we’ll need buy in from the players. Cast your vote on our forums.

2016 Season

We’ve finalized our 2016 schedule.

The year will consist of 5 weekend events.

May 27th-29th

June: 10th-13th

August 12th-15th

September 2nd-5th

September 30th – October 2nd

We’re going to attempt to schedule 3-5 one days over the course of the year as well. Aiming for the first one in late March. Those will be dependent on pcs preregs before the event dates are locked in. We’ll follow up about that shortly.

Hopefully we’ll have a few more surprises to announce over the next few months.

Teaser October 2nd – 4th

“Will there be anything more, master?” the servant asks, fidgeting ever so slightly for fear of the wrath he may have invoked. Benance Dulounge scoffs, glancing less than subtly at the broken glass and wine now running free along the floor of his study.

“Yes. Clean that mess, and attend to our guests.  Have a drink if you need to stop the shaking; I’ll not have your nerves show tonight.  If the tapestry behind you has but one speck of red on it, or if the rug stains, my indulgence at your expense may go without bounds.” And he meant it, for there are few things Benance enjoys more than the suffering of those who disappoint him. He downs the remainder of his drink and rises toward the door.

“Of course, master…” the servant trails off, not sure how to word his question.

“Speak! Now, before I soil my evening wear with your blood.”

“Well… it’s just… Lord Cyrus, you don’t suppose–” Snorting, the Master of Indulgence turns to meet the attendant’s gaze, running a hand down his face to wipe away his disgust.

“Relax Albert,” softer tones creep into his voice, allowing for a brilliant crescendo as he presses onward toward the study’s exit. “The Master of Opulence would have killed you himself had you so offended him. With most of his towers fallen he will be hard pressed to cross into the physical realm come the next market day. Cyrus has never been one to rely on a single defense, even if it is a wendigo. At best, he may purchase you from me; your clumsy antics, though they cost me a fine bottle, clearly inspired him, and none too late based on his hurried exit.  You heard him as he left, same as I: ‘The bottle breaks, the shards are strewn, and thus the contents run free.’ Though if you wish to last long enough for him to make the offer, I suggest you clean that wine!” The door slams. Candles gutter out. In the dark, slight sobs echo over the clinking collection of glass.

Teaser August 21st – 23rd “End Game”

A seers wakes with a cold sweat. His visions always come to him in his dreams. A vision of the future. At first it’s all foggy but, then it suddenly hits him. His vision is constrained and filtered. He watches this terrible vision from above and his heart skips several beats as it unfolds.

He sees armies fall through upon Azyl. Their colors are yellow and black, and they are led by a Green Dragon, who now has a new master.

Undead from the West fall upon Ravenswood and Koroshi. Bleak has moved. The war everyone waited is here.

The fear tower appears, and unleashes nightmarish creatures upon Valbridge. Barbarians and Gyspies alike are slaughtered.

His mind jumps to Michael’s lands. Most baronies keep to themselves, everything is “perfect”. This is the lie that’s told. Instead most people live in chains. Hidden from Eastlands, where there are people who could do something about it. Instead theses slaves are sacrificed to the great white wyrm.

Then Voth jumps to his mind. He’s been used this entire time, a trusted ally reveals his true colors. White. And then we all learn a terrible fact. We all thought he was just a storm, a force of nature. That he perceived the world in a way different from us. While, that is true. No one knew he had a knight. No one knew this man was so close to us. We hadn’t prepared for Bleak to move against us in this way. We weren’t ready for Michael to spring his plan.