New Player Information

So you want to join the world of Alliance Live Action Role Playing, and you’re not sure where to go from here?

You are not the first to venture into this realm unarmed with any knowledge on how the game works, or how to even begin playing. This forum contains all the information you could possibly need to start your journey.

We do suggest reading the Alliance rule book (found here: but we know that can be an overwhelming amount of information. We have taken new player information and placed it on the New Player Forum. Feel free to explore all of the forums and interact with our player base. Don’t forget to ask questions for clarification.

A simple to do list when first starting:
1. Take a look at our contact information for the chapter.  Reach out to the New Player Representative and let them know you’re interested. They are very friendly and happy to help you out.

2. Introduce yourself to your chapter! Use the out of game forums to interact with the player base. This can help break the ice, and many people are willing to help and speak with you here.

3. Review your chapter’s calendar, so you know when their upcoming events are.

4. Once you’ve decided what event you’re going to attend, you should make sure that you have what you need. Check out our What to Bring thread in the New Player Information section.

5. Decide whether you want to PC or NPC. More information on this on the New Player forum

6. If you’re PC’ing, there is some great information about weapon construction, assembling garb, and much more on the New Player Information section as well.

7. Ask if you have any questions. There are so many players ready to welcome you to the game and help you out! Never be afraid to ask even the simplest of questions. Many people come to Alliance not even knowing what LARP stands for. We accept everyone.

8. Lastly, work with your new player representatives to create your character and they will guide to you pre register for events with Logistics. Now that you’re pre-registered, and you have your stuff ready for event, get ready to have a great game! Have fun!

What To Bring To Your First Event

So you have found your new Alliance chapter. You have created a character. Your first event is this weekend. You have your costume ready and your weapons packed. But what else is there to pack other than your weapons? Being under prepared at your first event can leave you feeling defeated, so make sure to be ready for anything.

1. Our campsite has cabins for our players equipped with beds. You will want to bring bedding and pillows, but not have to worry about bringing a tent for camping. (Tents are allowed if that is your preference.)

2. You would be surprised at how many new players forget to bring a pillow.

3. Bring a change of clothes modern clothes for the end of the event. Many players get so focused on remembering their in game clothes they forget out of game clothes to go home, or out to lunch after the event.

4. Remember to bring emergency inhalers and other medical needs such as Epi pens or insulin.

5. Bring snacks. Food will be provided during the event. You can count on three meals being provided and occasional snacks, however, after spending the day role playing having trail mix on hand can save you from having an empty stomach between lunch and dinner.

6. If making your own weapons/shields, bring materials you can use to repair them in the event they do not pass inspection.

7. Showers are available at our campsite, so bring toiletries if you wish to shower as well as a towel.

A Special Note About Socks:

Bring plenty of socks. If you think you have enough, throw in another pair. Even when attending a one day event. That way if it is pouring outside, or perhaps you fought so hard your feet are now wet, you have spares to change into. This will help prevent trench foot and blisters from forming.
Try to stay away from cotton as it will not keep your feet warm if you get them wet. Wool or synthetic materials are your best best.
If you are seasoned at being in the outdoors for multiple days at a time, you know the value of clean and dry socks. If you are new to the idea of camping for a multi-day event, you might not realize that your biggest ally is your feet. They can also be your biggest opponent if you do not take care of them.

To PC or NPC, That Is The Question

You’ve decided that you are ready to come to your first LARP event. Now you have to decide how you want to play. You can play as either a Player Character (PC) or an Non-Player Character (NPC).

As a PC, you get to play the hero (or villain) of your creation. Your Player Character will have a backstory that you write, act as you feel they should, earn experience from being played and learn skills of your choosing .

Playing an NPC allows you to play as anything and everything in the game world except the Player characters. You will be anything from a Peasant to a piece of a 20 foot Dragon held by several NPC’s. You will help to make the world that the PCs have their adventure in, playing their truest allies and greatest enemies.

Both options allow for you to enjoy the game in their own way. When you are considering weather to NPC or PC you should consider some of the following factors:

The financial investment required to NPC is significantly less than that of PCing. While you can put together a costume of your PC on your own, a costume and weapons can become an expense. Memberships, however, can affect your expense as a PC. Reach out to your local chapter for the current membership promotions. NPCs have everything they need to play the game provided for them by the Chapter at which they play. NPCs usually pay much lower (Possibly even free) event costs.

In an attempt to make this choice as easy as possible, at Alliance South Michigan NPCs play for free, and your first PC event is also free.

Learning the rules
Playing as NPC allows you to learn the rules from a variety of different roles and experience many unique aspects of the game. Starting as an NPC is a great way to explore and understand the rules system. However NPC’s do not have the opportunity to have the full immersion or build the relationships that PC’s have. Starting as a PC lets you start off by getting thrown into a fully immersive fantasy with its own rich systems of magic, combat and crafting. You get to fully experience the wonder of being a new adventurer, and build relationships with other players as your own character.
Character development and control
When you PC, you get to control how your character reacts to others as well as situations presented in-game through roll play. If you’re NPCing, you have much less control over what your character does in most games, NPCs act as directed by the plot team.
In Game Rewards
Player Characters earn experience for each game day that they play their characters at an Alliance event. Their wealth is whatever it is that they are able to earn in-game as that character. An NPC will be compensated for their effort through awarding Goblin Stamps which are later redeemed for in-game wealth or experience blankets. Memberships can also affect months which you are blanketed for experience. Contact your local chapter for membership blanket details.
As a general policy, the staff of Alliance South Michigan recommends that new players PC their first event. We find PCing to be a more enriching experience than seeing “behind the curtain” right away. We do encourage players to put some NPC time in their first few games, as it can be an invaluable way to learn the rules and develop out of game skills with no risk to a character, but we find a player only gets one “first weekend” and we want it to be as fantastic as possible!