Frequently Asked Questions

What genre of Fantasy is the Alliance?

Alliance South Michigan is a high fantasy game. Characters can be anything from an elf to an animal human hybrid. Magic is common place in our game world, and many characters have a mastery of it.

What is combat like at an event?

Combat uses boffer or latex weapons. This often means you have some kind of pipe wrapped in foam or latex. The game is a touch based system, and characters have a set of hit points. Landing a hit on the foot or torso counts for the same. Instead characters can get better through leveling their character up. This lets anyone be part of combat. All weapons are checked for safety. Alliance South Michigan does everything in it’s power to ensure all players are safe.

What should I bring to my first event?

Take a look at our New Players Section for an in depth look at this one.

We play all weekend, and most of the game takes place outside. You’ll want to bring seasonal dependent clothes. If you have pieces for your characters costume, bring those. If you want to try to create weapons, the Alliance Rule Book has a section on it. Or if you’ve purchased a latex weapon or two, bring those.

We’re happy to lend you costuming and weapons for your first couple of events. So if you’re worried about making them, or not sure you want to make the investment, we can help you out.

You should also reach out to our New Player Representatives. They are amazingly helpful!

How do I check in at an event?

Most events happen at our Chelsea camp, check in happens at the big lodge. You’ll be able to see it as soon as you drive into the camp. Checkin starts around 7.

How do I make a character for my first time?

The Alliance Rule Book has a section on this. You’ll want to read some of it prior to showing up to the event, so you have a grasp on the rules. Don’t worry though, there’s a lot to take in. Everyone is excited to help you learn and pick up the game.

Our New Player Representatives can help with character creation!

What is the difference between a PC and an NPC?

When you PC (Player Character) you play a character that is of you own creation. You write the backstory, you figure out what type of character as well as how he/she interacts with the world. You’ll play this character all weekend. Typically you’re the hero in the game. When you NPC (Non-playable Character) you play the monsters and the bad guys for the weekend. You’ll typically a ton of characters from Zombies, to Orcs, to wild animals. Not all NPCS are bad guys but, many are.

How much does it cost to play?

If you plan on Pcing a weekend event, it’s 65 dollars if you just show up. 55 dollars if you preregister with logistics. Your first event is free!

If you plan on NPCing, it’s free!

Is there food provided what do I do about eating?

We have a kitchen, that provides 3 meals on Saturday. The price is typically 10 dollars for the weekend. If you have eating requirements feel free to reach out to us and let us know. We try to always have a vegetarian dish for each meal.

I’d like to make a donation to your chapter, how can I do that?

We accept cash at a 1 dollar to 4 goblin stamp conversion through paypal. We are almost always looking for physical donations.

How old do I have to be to play?

Generally players need to be at least 14 to play. Younger players maybe allowed under a special set of rules. You can read more about that here.