April 8th One Day

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Roger Hent, Joseph, The Rose Farmer? The newly named Duchy of Thorncryf has been home to some of largest legends. This area has been the same for as long as anyone can remember, and suddenly it’s changing. The page has finally turned.

Rumors of political tension and acts of aggression with the Freygurd Nation is plaguing the new duchy. Many believe that they’ve already started carrying out raids on Thorncryf. All the while, people whisper of Roger Hent, the former duke having survived and gathering an army to strike against Dragonreach.

As we turn to this next page of this book, Duke Hayward has requested the assistance of the adventuring community.


April 8th we’ll be hosting a one day at Proud Lake State Rec Area. We’ll start around 10 and play to whenever. You can find more details here.