2106 Season Trailer

King Lycergis awakes from his slumber. He looks over to the fireplace, nothing but ash. “I’ll have to remember to find a better attendant”. Lycergis puts on his robes as he looks out the window. The window is covered in ice. This winter seemed better then the previous to him but, Lycergis has seen many years and they’ve started to blend together. He exits his room, the echo from the door slamming shuts fills the entire fortress. Before breakfast, he always surveys his men. He walks with a limp now to stubborn to use a cane. He hobbles down to the courtyard. “Just where I left you men.”

He turns to his general. “How goes the training?” No response. Then to his knight, “And what of our battle plans?”. The white glow of his knights eyes seem to bright for how dreary it is outside.
“Nothing to report either? Very well, I see Aurelious is here for our meeting. I will see him now.”
Lycergis approaches the gold dragon. And this is where it starts to break down. Aurelious Goldthorn’s body refused to freeze, in fact it still emanates warmth. One of the only things in left in this world that does. Lycergis doesn’t like this, as it breaks him from his delusion. A least when the greater elf was frozen solid, his eyes have still kept glowing but, Lycergis could make sense of that.
The “king” of Dragonreach’s sanity starts to slip. He realizes he’s standing in a courtyard full of the bodies of the adventurers who rose up against Bleak and were crushed like ants. He looks back to his general, the Mystic Wood Elf’s blue skin screams back at him. His frozen face begs, no screams the question, “Why couldn’t you save us?”. He can hear all of their voices, as they cried out before they were forever encased in ice.
 He falls to his knees and tries to cover his ears to stop the voices. They start to overwhelm him. “WHY DID I SURVIVE?”  he yells. The voices suddenly stop. He looks to the mountains to the south, and sees two eyes set on him. And while he can’t see it, he knows the truth. Bleak is smiling at him.
Welcome to South Michigan’s 2016 Season.