South Michigan welcomes you back to Dragonreach.

The Kingdom of Dragonreach is enjoying peace. Spring has come, and with it a sense of pride. Farmers happily plant their crops, the sounds of commerce fill market places all across Eastlands. Lycergis has proclaimed a feast is to be had to honor the adventurers, the army, and all those who gave blood to see the Great White Wyrm destroyed.

To most life seems good.

They don’t see the husk the Silverstar Legion has become, leaving enemies breathing room to grow. In the recent weeks, Bandits have gotten more ruthless in the Eastlands, avoiding Koroshi but making travel hazarderous in the other baronies.
Trouble has been brewing to the south of Eastlands and it has begun to spill over into Dragonreach.
People in Springdale remain afraid of the night and the horrors it brings.
Thorncryf has been dealing with escalating political chaos and violence.
All the while, a dark figure wanders the countryside and in her wake the same story…

Convergence South Michigan 2020 Season Announcement

Welcome to the Shattered Realms

The Convergence South Michigan staff is excited to invite our Players to be part of a unique story experience for our 2020 Season. The entire Season will be a series of self contained Events, as the adventurers of Dragonreach journey through the Mists to assist lands and kingdoms in peril.

Each of these kingdoms were once allies of King Lycergis during the first war against Bleak, but each was thought lost or destroyed during that war. Now they have emerged from the Mists in small pockets around Kundirk, with resources and an interest in renewing their alliance with the King. This bodes well for Dragonreach as it gathers it allies for what appears to be an inevitable conflict with the Kingdom of Allacar. However, each of these small kingdoms also has a large problem that only adventurers can solve. What are these problems you ask? Well that’s for you to decide.

Shattered Realms Introduction

Chad, Chris, and Travis have planned and run our game in the Kingdom of Dragonreach for the past decade and while they enjoy creating a living world for us to explore even they need a break. We conceived the Shattered Realms concept as a way for other folks to dip their feet in the water of running Events, without needing to find a place in the larger Dragonreach setting to fit their ideas . We’re looking for Players to build a small team and run a one off weekend Event. The Characters’ actions will still impact and advance Dragonreach plot, as each of these Events could lead to an alliance with the kingdom but, at the same time it allows Players to get more involved in the future of the Chapter.

Additional Information

The goal of this Season concept is to encourage more Player involvement with the Plot side of the game. Maybe you’ve never thought about running the game, maybe you’re afraid of messing up, but have no fear! The Dragonreach plot team will be available to assist teams with any resources we can, including story advice, monster statting, prop construction, and treasure allocation.

After a year’s break, the Dragonreach plot team will continue running the campaign. But, hopefully with a few more folks who are interested in contributing to our story.